Physical Computing [F13]

Physical Computing I FALL 2013: [PGTE 5585 A]

MFA Design + Technology
AMT: Parsons The New School for Design


Digital Voice Display by: 


Soft Composite Materials by: Stephanie Burgess, Nicole Messier, Nour Chamon

Course Dates: Aug 30, 2013 – Dec 13, 2013
Instructor: Aisen Caro Chacin

Course Description:
Keywords: Ohm’s Law, ICs, PCBs, Circuit Design, Microcontrollers, Galvanic Potential, Electric Capacitance/Resistance, Human Computer Interaction, Wearable Interfaces, Sensory Displays, Open Hardware, Humor.

This course will engage students in understanding electricity, from circuitry design to microcontroller programming. Students will be guided through crucial tools for developing devices and interactive hardware installations. We will learn about resistance, capacitance, and how to use a wide array of electronic components in circuitry design. This class offers an in depth introduction to microcontrollers and other open source platforms used for physical, rapid prototyping. Students will adopt strategies for device design will acquire new skills in fabrication, interface design, and concept development.


Aisen Caro Chacin