Creative Computing [F13]

Creative Computing FALL 2013: [PUDT 1203 E]
AMT: Parsons The New School for Design


Hidden Object Game by: Josephine Rahadi


Mid Term by: Lisa Sakai Quinley

Course Dates: Aug 30, 2013 – Dec 13, 2013
Instructor: Aisen Caro Chacin
TA: Bernardo S. Schorr

Course Description:

Keywords: Processing, Arduino, Java, C, Microcontrollers, Human Computer Interaction,  Open Source.

This class offers an in depth introduction to creative computing and other open source platforms used for physical and rapid prototyping. Students will engage in understanding computer programming, from native applications to micro controllers. They will be guided through crucial developing tools for learning to program interactive software applications, and learn about data types, arrays, for loops and basic circuitry design. Students will adopt  techniques for computer science from an artistic perspective, and will pursue new skills in user experience, interface design, and concept development.

Aisen Caro Chacin